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True St. Lucia Tours- About Our Island

Stunningly beautiful, St. Lucia is a combination of natural splendor and cultural warmth that make it an ideal vacation spot.  From music festivals and safaris to local barbecues and nature trails, St. Lucia has something for everyone.

Fought over by the British and the French for years, St. Lucia is known by historians as the “Helen of the West.” The island is a beautiful gem and one of the most travel-worthy settings on the planet. Working fruit, spice and cocoa plantations offer endless education and entertainment for families, couples, and solo travelers. Sandy beaches, mountain hiking trails, and lush rainforests make the island the perfect place for any nature lover.

 Most islanders speak English, the official language of the island, and Creole, a French-based patois dialect. They are deeply proud of their island’s natural resources and welcoming to tourists. They celebrate the island’s history with rich cultural events every year including the La Rose and Marguerite Flower Festivals, Carnival, and the St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, a prestigious event usually held during the first week of May.

Customer Service

True St. Lucia Tours is fully committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations when it comes to customer service. St. Lucia is an island paradise with no shortage of activities or tour companies. At True St. Lucia Tours, we believe that quality service leads to better experiences for our customers and higher visitor satisfaction. No matter how much or how little time you have to stay on the island, our guides and excursions will introduce you to the warmth and hospitality of St. Lucia.

Our genuine care for our clients and high level of professionalism are clearly evident in everything we do.  We’ve built our reputation on our attention to our customers and have become known as a quality provider of exceptional vacations. True St. Lucia Tours strives to offer you individualized attention and full service in a way that few tour operators can. We want you to experience St. Lucia like an islander so you can enjoy the culture and the beauty of our home

Our Guides

We’ve found the best travel experiences are always delivered by exceptional people, someone knowledgeable and willing to offer you the personal attention you deserve. True St. Lucia Tours hires local guides with a love of St. Lucia and a commitment giving our guests an intimate look at the island. We keep our tours groups small so our guides can focus on sharing personal stories and answering any questions you may have about the island. Our guides put their own personality into each trip, making sure you have a unique experience.


Along with customer service and quality tours, True St. Lucia Tours is dedicated to the safety of our customers. All of our tours have gone through an assessment of safety standards and procedures. Our tour guides go through rigorous safety training and will accompany you on your adventures, ensuring your safety every step along the way.